Ashampoo Privacy Protector License Key 2019 Free for 1 Year

Ashampoo Privacy Protector is the software that protects the private files and keeps our privacy safe. We are not safe in our virtual world as like as our real life because hackers can steal personal information. They use this information for various crimes. So, a privacy protector is very much needed to keep our computer safe from the hacker. Ashampoo protector is such as a program that can help you in this case. It remains safe your encrypted file. It also cleans the data that are related to internet traces of popular browsers like Google Chrome, FireFox, Microsoft Edge.

Ashampoo Privacy Protector License Key 2019 Free for 1 Year

Features of Ashampoo Privacy Protector:

Ashampoo Privacy Protector comes with a lot of functions such as encrypt files, securely remove files, clean the privacy file, etc. Let’s see the main features of this tool.

Encrypt data: Encrypt data is one of the reliable ways to store information safely. These unique algorithms let it allows the user to restrict access. Only the user can use open it. This privacy protector offers an accessible but advanced way to protect personal files done by three steps.

Encrypt and burn: It not only allows you to encrypt files and save them to any drive but also you can write the encrypted data to the disks. It is one kind of data safety. The method is very simple. Nobody can access the files if they are failed to enter the right password. Read Also: Norton Security Free Trial 90 Days 2018 Download Free

Decrypt the data: This protector also allows you to decrypt files. This process is straightforward. For this, you need to browse the encrypted data, then unlock it with a password, or security USB key and then output the folder.

Delete file: We know that hard drive is the main component of a computer where we keep the essential files such as photos, text files, audio, videos and many more. We also save the most important and sensitive files here. When we delete data with the built-in tool of Windows operating system, it cannot erase them permanently because we can get them back with some special tools. For this, we need the best option. We can use Ashampoo Privacy Protector to delete the data permanently.

Security Key: Using a shared password is not always reliable against hackers. To protect your files, you need better protection. This privacy protector protects all the critical data using the Security Key option. You can generate a unique password without using a lot of passwords. Read Also: iCare Data Recovery Pro 8 License Code Free for 1Year

Clean system: Every day we do a lot of work on our computer. For this, a lot of files which are unnecessary and they make the system slower. So, you need a cleaning tool that cleans all the unwanted data. This privacy protector allows you to clean the system.

How to Get Ashampoo Privacy Protector License Key 2019 Free for 1 Year?

Download Ashampoo Privacy Protector and Install it.
If you want to buy the official Ashampoo software, you need to pay $39.99. But we are giving you this software free for one year with the license key. Let’s see the downloading and installing process of this software.

Go to the page from- HERE.
Ashampoo Privacy Protector Key
Then fill the email address and click on “Request Full Version Key” option.
You will receive an email from Ashampoo that contains the download link and license key.
Follow the instruction provided in the email to activate this software fully.

Ashampoo Privacy Protector License Key 2019 Free Download for 365Days. To keep your privacy safe, the Ashampoo Privacy Protector is the best software for you. The protectors perform most securely. When you open your tool, you will see the best user-friendly interface. So, have it and enjoy it.

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