Bitdefender VS Malwarebytes: Which is Best Antivirus for Windows [2024]

Computer & laptop technology has seen leaps and bounds of advancement both in terms of hardware and software. Unfortunately, hackers and their antivirus, malware, and phishing sites have developed faster. And that’s where the importance of a good internet and software security system for your computer and laptop comes into play.

In this regard, both Malwarebytes and Bitdefender security systems are two of the most popular choices among user-end device owners. But which is better, Bitdefender vs Malwarebytes?

It is an important question to answer when you purchase a reliable online and offline security system to protect your private data, files, and internet browsing and improve your device’s performance for peace of mind.

Bitdefender VS Malwarebytes: The Difference Between –

BitDefender VS Malwarebytes
We understand that there is no standard measuring system to find the winner between Malwarebytes vs. Bitdefender. Thus, we will look into their top features, security layers, performance, support, pricing, user convenience, and reliability within this comparative discussion of Malwarebytes with Bitdefender.

Finally, we will select a winner in every category to suggest which security suite you should choose.

If you want reliable and high-performing security suite software, it’s time you finish reading this article. It will give you the answer, you have been searching for the several years.

Bitdefender Vs Malwarebytes: Top Features –

When you need a good antivirus and internet security suite, Bitdefender and Malwarebytes will give a neck-to-neck competition. Thus, many people will ask, “Does Bitdefender protect against malware? Or, is Malwarebytes good for antivirus?

While these questions don’t have any straightforward answers, you may look at their features to find a probable answer. Also, if you are on a tight budget, you might even look at the Bitdefender free and Malwarebytes free versions and their features.

Malwarebytes’ top features:

As you find the available features of Malwarebytes, you need to look at the different products of the security system. There are two product types you will find from Malwarebytes.
It includes:

  • Malwarebytes Premium
  • Malwarebytes Premium Plus Privacy

These are cross-platforms. Also, they will cover up to 5 devices in different product plans. It doesn’t include any fancy features. Instead, the security suite will offer robust and reliable protection with excellent performance.
Malwarebytes Premium Security for Windows or Mac
Malware Premium will provide you with an antivirus engine and online threat protection. Further, it is categorized as follows:

  • Web
  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Exploit protection

When you choose Malware Premium Plus Privacy, you will get the VPN service additionally. So, the upgrade option also has pretty limited features. However, it lacks parental control and so has a major setback.

The most common features of Malwarebytes are:

  • Detect and clean existing viruses.
  • Protects device from new infections.
  • Real-time security while browsing and using devices.
  • Prevents devices from phishing sites, malicious attempts, and possible hacking through a list of blocked websites.
  • Antivirus scanning tool with good and user-friendly optimization.
  • Identify and hide malware threats for better protection.
  • VPN functioning for a secure internet browsing experience.

Bitdefender’s top features:

Unlike Malwarebytes, Bitdefender has five different products for its security suite. Also, it comes with a wide range of different and useful features. Only a few top-end security suites will match the features Bitdefender offers.

The security suite will offer different sets of security systems for five plans. It includes privacy, protection, and impact on the device’s performance. Also, Bitdefender has both cross-platform and Windows-only plans. It includes:

  • Three cross-platform products
  • Two plans for Windows only

Now, let’s look at the five different plans of Bitdefender. These are BitDefender internet security, Antivirus Plus, total security, family pack & premium security.
BitDefender Total Security Protection
The internet security plan is the entry-level plan, and it is designed to offer your device premium security during internet sessions. It will protect your device from spammings, and Wi-Fi breaches and offers firewall protection with parental control.

The top features include:

  • Antispam and parental control
  • Microphone monitor
  • Privacy firewall and webcam protection
  • WIFI security advisor

Next up, you will get the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus which offers extended protection to user-end devices. Its top benefits include:

  • It offers you real-time safety. Also, you will get protection from ransomware, web attacks, network, and data threats. It will also provide you with vulnerability and risk assessment along with protection from phishing and fraud.
  • For privacy, you will get a password manager, online banking security, protection for your social networks, VPN functioning up to 200MB and anti-tracker services.
  • Bitdefender also facilitates you with battery mode, performance tracking and profiles, Autopilot, etc., services.

These entry-level plans will offer protection for up to 5 devices with varying pricing levels. The next three products have all the features stated above. The only difference comes in the number of devices you can use for these products. Nonetheless, Bitdefender Premium Security has unlimited VPN options, a great benefit.

Winner: As you see, Bitdefender is a clear winner for features. Also, if you look at Bitdefender free vs. Malwarebytes free version features, Bitdefender wins the battle. Yes, its free version for internet security has the same level of protection and technology as the paid version. So, it blocks malware and phishing sites as well as the paid plan.

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Protection: Bitdefender Vs Malwarebytes –

Protection from malware, thefts, data breaches, and spam is the most important aspect you would want in a security suite. Also, it could be the biggest deal-breaker consideration to pick between the two security systems.

Thankfully, both systems offer superior and impeccable malware and internet security for your device. They offer robust security performance and reliability you can buy for money presently. Recently, we tested both systems with AV-Test.

The AV-Test goes through a series of testing for malware, viruses, phishing sites, etc. According to your test results, Bitdefender scored a perfect 100. It could easily detect even the 0-day threats and viruses and nullify them.

However, Bitdefender comes with two major setbacks. It includes:

  • Bitdefender will slow down entry-level and basic devices. So, it will impact your user experience with the security system.
  • When you use Bitdefender for the internet, it will decrease your browsing speed by 19%. It is higher than the industry standard for internet securities at 14%.

Bitdefender uses cutting-edge technology to detect and nullify malware, ransomware, viruses, etc. Thus, it offers dependable security protection and performance. Next up, Bitdefender’s free vs. paid versions have quite similar security. It is an advantage for the system.

On the contrary, Malwarebytes also scored the perfect 100 in the recent AV Test. It could detect the 0-day threats and block them with ease. It works brilliantly against the older threats too. What’s more, Malwarebytes can detect threats faster than Bitdefender, thanks to its “Behavior Signature” technology.

Moreover, we didn’t find any noticeable slow-down in the device speed and performance. It didn’t slow down the internet browsing either. So, it is a nice alternative for entry-level and basic devices.

Winner: Both Malwarebytes and Bitdefender have scored amazingly in 6 out of 6 testing methods of AV-Test. So, it is a tie.

User-friendliness And Optimization:

The security system must be user-friendly so that you can easily optimize and use it to your best needs. Thus, you mustn’t overlook the user interface of Bitdefender and Malwarebytes. It is also vital because a user-friendly interface will allow you to use all the features and functions of the security suite.

So, which offers a better user interface between Bitdefender vs Malwarebytes?
Malwarebytes Security Protection for Device
Recently, the latest 4.00 version of Malwarebytes changed its original interface. Now, it looks more user-friendly and minimalistic than ever before. Also, the lack of a wider range of features favors Malwarebytes in this regard. You will find all of its basic features in the dashboard. You don’t need to browse interface after interface to find the feature you want.

Likewise, Malwarebytes and Bitdefender also have overhauled their user interface recently. The dashboard looks cleaner and more sophisticated, with all the basic features right up front on the screen. Also, its navigation system has become easier.

Winner: Both Bitdefender and Malwarebytes offer superior and outstanding user interfaces with minimalistic design and quick navigation. So, both antivirus and internet security suites end up in a draw in the category.

Performance and impact on the device:

When you use an internet and antivirus security system, the last thing you won’t want is to see your device slowing down. Also, the performance should remain in optimal condition. You need to look at the impact on the device. Its performance when choosing between Bitdefender and Malwarebytes.

Bitdefender uses the following technologies to scan through your devices:

  • Photon technology
  • Cloud technology

Thus, it won’t use many resources of your device. It means the security system won’t slow down your device’s performance. Plus, you can customize the dashboard to get the best outputs from the device and Bitdefender.
Malwarebytes vs Bitdefender
You can further use Bitdefender for the following activities:

  • Adjust the brightness or visuals on the device display
  • Pause background activities temporarily for a quick boost to performance

On the contrary, Malwarebytes is also a lightweight security suite. So, it also scans through your device quickly without eating up too much space and resources. It is a great benefit to improve the speed and performance of your device, even during heavy-duty scanning.

However, with Malwarebytes, you need to reboot your device as it blocks any threats and deals with viruses. So, it can be an inconvenience during a busy schedule.

Winner: Bitdefender and Malwarebytes came with flying colors regarding performance boost and impact on the device. So, we have to conclude it is a draw.

BitDefender Vs Malwarebytes: A Comparative Discussion –

Point of Comparison:
Performance –Bitdefender offers complete security for your devices and personal data with various packagesMalwarebytes works as an anti-malware tool to be used with antivirus software for maximum protection
Pricing –$29.99 per year$39.99 for 1 device/year
Money-back guarantee –30-day for any refunds60-day refund policy for their premium subscription
Free version –Yes, Bitdefender has a powerful but free antivirus plan for blocking malware and phishing sitesIts free version will clean and block malware from Macs and Windows
Subscription Plans –Five different subscription plans to meet your requirementsMainly two ( The Premium one is divided into two segments)
Rating –4.74.6

Bitdefender Vs Malwarebytes: Pricing Comparison –

Although the pricing issue might not become a major consideration, you should look at the security suites’ pricing for a better decision.

We have already stated that Malwarebytes has two main subscription plans. The list includes:

Subscription Plan –
Malwarebytes Premium1$39.99
Malwarebytes Premium5$79.99
Malwarebytes Premium Plus Privacy5$99.99

You see that the Malwarebytes premium has two subscription plans for 1-device and 5-device applications.

Subscription Plan –
Bitdefender Antivirus Plus3$29.99
Bitdefender Internet Security3$34.99
Bitdefender Total Security5$39.99
Bitdefender Family Pack15$49.99
Bitdefender Premium Security15$64.99

On the contrary, Bitdefender has five different subscription plans. The list includes:

As you see, the cheapest subscription plan for Bitdefender starts at $29.99. it is much cheaper than Malwarebytes, which starts at $39.99 for 1 device only.

Winner: As the pricing comparison suggests, Bitdefender is a clear winner. So, it will be a great use for people with a tight budget and personal use at home. Also, Bitdefender has way more features than Malwarebytes despite being a cheaper option.

Bitdefender & Malwarebytes Customer Service:

Finally, you must look at both security suites’ customer service and response time for any possible help and problem.

BitDefender VS Malwarebytes: Which is better 2022?

Bitdefender allows you to reach their customer care and support on a 24/7 basis. You may also reach them through telephone, email, and even live chat from the dashboard. Besides, Bitdefender customer support has developed 16 different telephone lines to interact with customers from different languages.

So, it is highly likely that you can find your preferred language to talk with their customer care service.

On the contrary, Malwarebytes doesn’t have any telephone support for their customer support. It is a big setback for Malwarebytes. Unfortunately, the live chat option in Malwarebytes is also limited to 1 AM-5 PM PST. You may only reach its customer care through emails 24/7 hours. And that is slow too.

Nonetheless, Malwarebytes will offer the quickest solution to your problems once they get your problem. Thus, it too provides you with top-class customer care support.

Winner: With 24-hour customer care support and 16 dedicated telephone lines for clients, Bitdefender is a clear winner in this segment. However, Malwarebytes also has good customer support. But it’s not in the leagues of Bitdefender.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Do I need Malwarebytes if I have Bitdefender?

Answer: Bitdefender is itself a full-fledged and reliable internet and antivirus security suite. So, you don’t need to use Malwarebytes with Bitdefender for additional support.

Question: Is Bitdefender better than Malwarebytes?

Answer: Bitdefender is way better than Malwarebytes since it has more functions and features. Also, it is priced less than Malwarebytes, which works in favor of the previous one.

Question: Is Bitdefender good for malware?

Answer: According to various malware testing results, Bitdefender has the fastest and best detection rates for viruses and malware. Also, it is a safe antivirus to detect and block malware.

Question: Which is the best antivirus to use with Malwarebytes?

Answer: You can install the Bitdefender antivirus system to improve the performance of Malwarebytes. You may also use Avast Premium Security with it. And if you want to go for free versions, you can choose Windows Defender, which comes 100% free from Windows.

Final Words:

Here we will end our comprehensive discussion on Bitdefender vs Malwarebytes security suites. As the discussion shows, Bitdefender is a clear winner. The security system has more subscription plans, cheaper options, and more features than Malwarebytes. So, you should go for Bitdefender to offer maximum protection for your devices.

Even if you use Malwarebytes, you need to install Bitdefender or Avast with it. So, you should now know which internet and antivirus security suite is ideal for you, between Bitdefender and Malwarebytes.

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