How to View Saved Password in Chrome Browser

Today we share Here, how to view saved password in chrome browser? Many times we saved the password in our chrome browser. These passwords automatically suggest for the next login attempt at the same site. Sometimes you need to change the old password to create a new one. Even you forgot the password, but don’t know how to view it. In this article, show you how to view saved password in chrome Google browser. You can also go to view the all stored password easily. Like – Reset Microsoft Edge Browser to Default Settings
How to View Saved Password in Chrome Browser

How to View Saved Password in Chrome Browser –

At first, you need to Sign-in and sync to the Gooogle Chrome. When you logged in the chrome with your Gmail ID and you can view the all saved password. Follow the few steps to view it –

Step-1: Go to open the Google Chrome browser on your computer. Then you will go to the current user icon at the top right corner of the screen. (Pic below)

Step-2: When you click this icon, you will see the “Turn on Sync” system. Then click on this button of “Turn on Sync”, a screen will open and you need to enter your Gmail ID to sign-in to chrome. The Press Next.

Step-3: When you press the button, then you need to type of your Gmail account password and press “Next”.

Step-4: You will see the screen option of the Google Sync system. Just click on the “Turn on” button to enable Google Sync successfully.

Step-5: Once you have done to your Gmail account synchronized with the Chrome. It will automatically store all the password of the various sites. Now you are allowed to view all these passwords in chrome. Just open the Chrome and right corner of the Chrome browser on the three dots and select settings.

Step-6: When you select the settings options and you will see password options. Then click on the password options.

Step-7: Now, you will see your all saved password, but all the saved password will be hidden.

Step-8: Then just go to click on the eye symbol and it will ask for the login with your Gmail password.

When you entered your system password and you will be able to view the all saved password for the respective sites. I hope now you are totally enjoyed to view all the saved password show in chrome browser.

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