Is McAfee LiveSafe Good Antivirus [Is It Reliable for Mac/Windows]

McAfee has been in the antivirus and internet security world for over 30 years. Since its origin in 1987, McAfee has helped millions of end-users protect their desktops, laptops, macs, and at the latest, smartphones. Thus, McAfee has developed a good reputation for being an antivirus and protection suite for many people worldwide. But is McAfee LiveSafe good antivirus? Also, is McAfee reliable?

Generally speaking, McAfee offers brilliant support to secure your devices from hackers and data thefts and enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted performance. The security suite scored brilliantly in all virus and malware identification and nullifying tests.

Nonetheless, to find the McAfee security suite’s worthiness and reliability, we will discuss its key features. It includes performance, malware and virus detection, parental control, VPN service, scan, and quick clean functions.

So, let’s dive into it.

Is McAfee LiveSafe Good Antivirus?

Is McAfee LiveSafe Good

Is McAfee good antivirus software? In our testing, McAfee scored 100% in most categories. So, we can reassure you that it is a reliable and high-performing security suite to protect your devices from malware and virus attacks. What’s more, McAfee offers multiple products with different features to meet the requirements and budget of every user.

However, we understand that it is a pretty introductory answer and won’t satisfy most people. So, let’s take it deep and see what we found about the usefulness of the McAfee security suite.

Protection Performance of McAfee Antivirus Software:

The first thing you want from cyber and internet security software is protection from viruses, malware, threats, and unwanted entries in your device. So, how does McAfee perform in these categories to protect your computer and Macs?

McAfee Total Protection Reviews

To understand its effectiveness against phishing sites, malware, ransomware, and viruses, we took the help of the popular AV-Comparative test. According to the AV-Comparative testing report from February-May, 2021, McAfee could detect and block 99.6% of viruses and malware in Windows.

Thus, if you ask, “Is McAfee good for Windows 10?” Yes, it is highly recommendable for Windows 10 to safeguard your computers from the latest threats with greater effect.

Nonetheless, AV-Comparative doesn’t provide any score for Mac devices for McAfee. So, we were unclear about its reliability on Mac devices. On top of it, you will get a few extra functions of McAfee on Windows OS.

  • Its Quick Clean offers a quick yet secure scanning of your computer
  • It filters out phishing emails and unwanted junk files using its Anti-spam feature
  • You can use its parental control to stop kids from entering inappropriate websites
  • You can save your passwords and credentials using its password manager
  • Its Shredder function will protect and hide your sensitive and secret documents perfectly

These features make McAfee a great deal for using Windows OS, particularly Windows 10. Sadly, none of these functions are available on Mac OS. So, it isn’t recommended for your Mac devices.

Top Security Features of McAfee LiveSafe Security Suite –

Is McAfee the best antivirus? To find the answer to this question, we need to look at the different security features of McAfee. Once you go through the additional security and protection features, you will know its worthiness.

Quick Clean:

McAfee Quick Clean

The Quick Clean feature will allow you to check and clean different unnecessary and unwanted files from your computer. It improves the device’s security and performance quite considerably. Also, it boosts the device speed, which you will surely love.

The Quick Clean feature will check your device to find the cookies and temporary files to provide you with a detailed report. So, you will know how much space these files and cookies have consumed on your computer. Also, you can browse each report individually. Once you are sure, you can press its cleanup button to finish the Quick Clean function.

Hackers and threats will be less likely to find a sneaking point to your computer as it removes cookies and temporary files. However, remember that Quick Clean is gettable only in Windows. It isn’t available on Mac OS.

Custom and full scan:

McAfee offers a custom and full scan for your device security for Windows and Mac OS. The full scan, as you guess, performs deep and detailed scanning of every file and app on your device. Once it finishes the full scan, its detailed report will let you know what actions you should take. Thus, your device remains protected.

Next, its custom scan lets you scan a desired folder or app faster if you suspect any threat. On top of it, after both custom and full-scan, McAfee antivirus software will put any suspicious file and function in its quarantined section. You can later browse it and take the action you want.

Real-time scanning:

McAfee offers a fast and reliable scan before you enter the file location when you access any file or app on your device. It looks for different threats such as malware, virus, and spyware. Even if you forget the full or custom scan functions, it is a great benefit.

You will surely enjoy real-time scanning for added protection against any possible threats. It also comes in handy for privacy protection.

Ransomware protection:

McAfee offers a Ransom Guard feature for your security as you browse through different online platforms. It doesn’t hamper your online experience. Also, it offers quick and real-time scanning and protection for an added layer of security.

What’s more, if it finds any threats, it will create a copy of it and save it in its quarantined section. So, you may choose the file to remove. Also, you don’t need to worry about losing it either. Also, it will improve your device and online browsing security with its encryption through File Content Transformation.

Vulnerability scanner:

The vulnerability scanner will look for updates to the apps and software you have installed on your device. As soon as it finds a security patch or regular update of the installed apps, it will quickly notify you so that you can update it ASAP.

It is an important security feature since hackers look for flaws in different apps you use to sneak into your devices. Thus, software and app developers continuously update their security patches to stop hackers from intruding on their apps and attacking their devices.

Therefore, the vulnerability scanner with a brief report on your installed apps can be a game-changer security feature of McAfee.


McAfee Total Protection 2022

Are you worried about someone else getting access to your documents and files and manipulating it to hurt your image or financial information? Then, the Shredder feature of McAfee is there to save your day big time.

The Shredder feature will ensure that your deleted data is removed forever from the device. It overwrites your data multiple times and virtually makes it impossible to regain access to it once you delete the file from the device.

You can choose from three shredding security levels for maximum protection. It includes:

  • The Basic function will overwrite the deleted files twice.
  • The safe function overwrites each file five times and then deletes it.
  • Overwrite the file ten times in its Complete functions to delete it forever.

Thus, you won’t have to worry about thefts and intruders anymore in your device. For this feature’s fastest and easiest functioning, choose your entire Recycle Bin option under this function.

McAfee firewall protection:

We found its firewall protection also dependable and high-performing during our McAfee Antivirus Plus reviews. Once you turn on your firewall function on the McAfee dashboard, it comes with a few quick menus.

It includes Traffic Controller, Smart Advice, Advanced Settings, Net Guard, Intrusion Detection, etc., features on the dashboard. You can browse them to take the necessary steps. Sadly, it works only with Windows devices.

We tried our best to enable the firewall function in Mac devices following all possible instructions. But, it kept failing repeatedly.

Theft detection and protection:

McAfee’s theft identification and protection service will continuously monitor, check and test your accounts to safeguard your personal information. It includes passwords, bank details, etc. So, your information is safe from hackers and fraud.

Anti-Theft Protection

Some of its key benefits include the following:

  • Your credit information remains secure with the credit monitoring function.
  • It scans and prepares a report for Dark Web and the black market through its cyber monitoring function. It will warn you immediately of any possible intrusion and threats.
  • In case you lose access to any account, McAfee’s in-house recovery specialists will help you recover the lost ID.
  • There is also a social media security number tracing system. So, it keeps your information safe from suspicious identities.

What’s more, you will also get the “identity theft insurance feature” with the McAfee Total Protection Ultimate product. As the product label describes, it will offer a reimbursement option if it fails to protect your data. You will get the following theft protection facilities:

  • One SSN (Social Security Number).
  • 1 driver’s license and 1 passport.
  • 1 international bank account.
  • Up to 10 medical IDs, 10 email addresses, and 10 phone numbers.
  • Also, up to 10 credit and debit cards and other cards.
  • Up to 10 individual bank accounts.

Finally, the McAfee WebAdvisor comes along with the Total Protection plan.

McAfee WebAdvisor:

McAfee Web Advisor

It is a web browser extension that comes with MacAfee. You can use it to access all the security features of the antivirus software. When you browse different websites online, McAfee WebAdvisor will look for any phishing sites and possible threats. So it offers you a secure and complete internet browsing experience.

Parental control:

The final step of McAfee’s secure feature is its parental control service. It comes with a Safe Family app to help you offer an excellent parental control service. You can run it on all operating systems, and it is equally good across all devices.

Strong Parental Control for McAfee

However, you need to download it separately when you buy the McAfee Total Protection product plan. It will offer you the following options:

  • You can limit the internet access
  • You may even restrict device usage
  • It filters specific web contents
  • You can also block particular apps
  • It lets you track device location in 10 meters

The dashboard of McAfee Family Safe is clean and quite intuitive. So, you will find its usability quite remarkable.

Privacy Security of McAfee: Does It Offer Reliability?

When you use a high-end antivirus suite such as McAfee, you want some additional features. One such feature is private security. In this regard, McAfee performs amazingly better.
Also, there are two-part to this privacy security. If you have a question, is McAfee LiveSafe Good for PC? It includes:

1. Type of data McAfee collects from its users
2. Safe browsing option to hide your privacy

When it comes to data collection, we found that McAfee collects the usual data of their users just like any antivirus and security suite will do. It will collect and store your name, email address, payment information, etc. We have found three different data collection procedures for this antivirus software.

Real Time Protection

McAfee collects your contact information. It includes name, email address, phone number, etc.
The antivirus suite will also collect your payment information when paying the subscription fees. It includes your credit or debit card numbers, billing address, and associated credentials with the card.

When you log in to your McAfee account, it also collects the associated credentials.

While these sets of information collection are normal for almost every security suite, the worrying part comes in the next section. As McAfee says, they can also collect the following data from their users:

  • On which device do you use McAfee
  • Different products you search on the device
  • Your online activity and interests
  • Biometric and demographic information
  • Local files stored in the device

As you see, McAfee gets a lot of data from its users. However, we haven’t found any data breach record of McAfee. So, you may depend on it.

Now, let’s focus on the second part of this discussion. Does McAfee offer private browsing to secure your privacy online?

Yes, McAfee has their patented McAfee Safe Connect that offers a VPN service for your privacy as you browse the internet.

Safe Connect VPN:

McAfee Safe Connect VPN

Many people don’t know what is McAfee’s secure connect virus software. It lets you connect to your internet using a safe and secure VPN to hide your identity. You may use the Safe Connect VPN of McAfee on all of your devices. It includes Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

The Safe Connect feature of McAfee uses AES 256-bit encryption. So, its encrypted data is highly secured. You will appreciate the VPN service that allows you to browse the Dark Web.

One subscription will offer protection for multiple devices going up to 5 devices. Also, it has no data limit for use. It is a great benefit since many antivirus software will limit VPN use. You can click here for more details on McAfee Safe Connect and its subscription plans.

Password manager:

Password management is another important aspect to secure your privacy and data from hackers. Thus, it is important to look at McAfee’s password manager service and how it works.

McAfee’s password manager is known as True Key. It offers decent functions and performances through its AES 256-bit encryption system. Also, it has zero-knowledge architecture. The system ensures only you can access the password you have stored in True Key. Even McAfee can’t access the data.

McAfee True Key Password

You can install True Key password manager on:

  • Windows,
  • Mac,
  • iOS,
  • Android.

Also, it supports the following web browsers:

  • Firefox,
  • Chrome,
  • Explorer,
  • Safari.

It allows you to store unlimited passwords and can be used across all devices you have installed McAfee True Key. Although it has a few limitations, we found it a good basic system. So, it is safe and reliable.

McAfee Speed-Up Services:

One of the great benefits of McAfee is its Speed Up services. It allows you to boost browsing and app performance and speed dramatically.

McAfee App Boost:

When you install McAfee, it will run the Pc Boost in the background. It diverts your device’s resources to the app you use at different times. The background PC Boost service will continue shifting the resources as you keep switching between different apps. It will boost the app’s speed and performance.

It will reduce the loading time of the apps. According to the McAfee Labs test, the app boost service can load the apps 6% faster. Also, it improves the app’s performance, and you will see its use in real life.

McAfee Web Boost:

If you want to speed up your webpage loading and browsing speed, the Web Boost function of McAfee will be a great benefit. It stops the auto-play of videos on the web pages. So, you will find a good boost in the loading time.

However, this feature is only workable with Google Chrome. Also, we didn’t find any noticeable boost in the web browsing experience. So, Web Boost is a nice function to have, but it won’t affect your daily internet browsing experience.

McAfee Mobile Apps:

McAfee Mobile Security Protection

Is McAfee good for iPhone or Android devices? Thankfully, the McAfee Mobile app is available for Android and iOS-based devices. You need to send an email or text to the device you want to use the mobile app from the original McAfee online dashboard. You can follow the link to subscribe to the mobile app.

What’s more, the app is available separately for both Android and iOS devices. Also, the basic app comes for free, and it still offers a few useful functions. For instance, it runs a quick scan on your device to detect any malware and virus. Also, it scans the apps you have installed on your smartphone. It can detect the latest ransomware and is reliable.

If you subscribe to the paid version, you will enjoy the following sophisticated services:

  • App lock
  • Safe Web
  • Wi-Fi Guard

What’s more, it can successfully detect the latest spyware and cam-ware apps, rootkits, and even unwanted adware. So, you will love its performance. Lastly, the following features will secure your device superbly.

  • You can activate a loud alarm remotely even if your phone is lost or stolen.
  • There’s an option for continuous tracking that will send scheduled notifications about the device location.
  • The last location feature will notify you before the Smartphone’s battery drains out entirely.
  • If anyone tries to enter their PIN wrongly 3 times, its Thief Cam will photograph the person. So, you would know who tried to enter your Smartphone.

User Interface and Friendliness: How Does McAfee Dashboard Look Like –

The user interface of McAfee is quite user-friendly. You will love McAfee’s downloading and installing procedure on your device, as it is incredibly easy. Nonetheless, you must know that McAfee free version isn’t supportable on Mac.

When you try to install the free version on Mac, you will most likely see the following message:

“McAfee’s free trial was not compatible on Mac.”

So, you are restricted to using the free trial version on Windows only. Also, you can use a few features of the free trial on your Smartphone. So, it is a nice benefit to have.

Apart from the downloading and installing system, we found the dashboard of McAfee quite intuitive and understandable. In the dashboard, you will see the green tick and red mark that expresses the state and security of your desktop.

Nonetheless, the dashboard is a bit cluttered and confusing. You will need to get used to the user interface as many functions are hidden inside different categories. For instance, you will find the Vulnerability Scanner under the PC Security tab. What’s more, it is titled Update MY Apps. So, it becomes even more confusing.

You can look at the top right corner to find the gear icon. The gear icon will allow you to access the following features directly:

  • The firewall
  • Quick Clean
  • Scheduled scans
  • Real-time scanning
  • Automatic updates
  • Vulnerability scanner
  • Quarantined items
  • App Boost and Web Boost
  • Anti-spam
  • General settings and alerts

Thus, you will get used to the dashboard within a few days. Also, it shouldn’t affect your purchasing decision for McAfee.

Customer Care Support:

Customer Support System

McAfee truly offers brilliant after-sales and customer care support. You can reach them 24 hours and 7 days a week. Also, we found the support forum quite helpful and fast responding. So, you don’t need to worry about McAfee’s customer support.

The key usefulness of their customer care includes:

  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Support forum
  • Online knowledge base

Both their live chat and phone support are great. The support team is welcoming and offers a quick response. So, you should find it satisfactory. Also, you have the luxury of a 3-day money-back guarantee from McAfee.

Mcafee LiveSafe Vs Total Protection: What is the Main Difference –

Point of ComparisonTotal ProtectionLifeSafe
1. Protection level –It offers total protection, as its name suggests. It has a parental control password manager, blocks malware and viruses, and ensures safe internet browsing facilities.It stops your device from downloading malware. Also, it protects you from phishing sites and will identify potentially dangerous sites. Lastly, it offers better protection from internet cookies and trackers.
2. Pricing –Total Protection from McAfee is an expensive version of LiveSafe.Usually, McAfee LiveSafe is affordable and cheaper.
3. Suitable for –If you want a complete internet and device security suite for your devices, Total Protection should be your 1st choice.Livesafe is suitable for those on a tight budget and looking for optimal security of their devices while browsing the internet.
4. Main benefit –You get the complete device and internet security with it. It has everything from the password manager to parental control and security scanner and blocker.It will protect your personal information from going into hackers’ hands.
5. Cloud storage –It uses a secured vault with password protection and 28-bit encryption to offer the best possible security in cloud storage space.It provides you with 1GB of a secure folder with its Personal Locker system. It has a biometric security system.

Is McAfee LiveSafe Good?

Is McAfee LiveSafe Good?

McAfee LiveSafe is an entry-level product from the antivirus and security suite developer. It offers reliable protection of your identity as you browse the internet. The software will detect ad-block phishing sites, stop you from downloading malware, and even secure your data. Plus, trackers and cookies will fail to access your data.

Consequently, you will love the improved security level in a budget plan. Plus, you will get 1GB of cloud storage to secure your passwords and important documents. It has biometric security and so is pretty reliable.

All these incredible features make LiveSafe more than good and worthy of your investment.

FAQs –

Question-1. Does McAfee slow down the computer?

Answer: Yes, McAfee can sometimes slow down your device with its automatic scanner running in the background. Also, its consistent interface will impact the processor, and you may experience your device running slower than it should be.

Question-2. Is McAfee bad for your computer?

Answer: No, McAfee products aren’t bad for your devices at all. It offers brilliant security from possible malware, virus, and internet threats. Also, its wider product range means everyone will find the right McAfee plan within the budget.

Question-3. Should I uninstall McAfee LiveSafe?

Answer: When you install McAfee Total Protection, you can uninstall LiveSafe. Similarly, enable the firewall and a good antivirus program if you don’t want to run LiveSafe on your computer.

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Final Words:

It’s time to give a quick answer to your question, Is McAfee LiveSafe good antivirus? Yes, McAfee is one of the market’s best internet and virus security suite providers. Its user-friendly interface, brilliant scoring in most antivirus detection and blocking test, and prompt performance make it a great antivirus deal for everyone.

Whether you need to protect your personal computer or need commercial protection for multiple devices simultaneously, McAfee is there to help you. We found its password manager, parental control, cloud storage, and performance incredibly reliable.

Plus, worldwide internet security experts give accolades to McAfee for their brilliant performance without slowing down the processor too much. So, it is a great recommendation for superior and reliable virus and internet security.

However, we must mention that McAfee works best with the Windows operating system. It has a few issues with Mac. For instance, we couldn’t run its free version on Mac. So, you should consider these facts if you’re a Mac user.

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