1Password Password Manager Free 6 Months Subscription

Are you confuse about your PC security like a password? You have a solution and get 1Password Password Manager Free 6 Months Subscription Download. If are you looking for the best password manager for your Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome, or Firefox browser? Well, this 1Password manager supports your all devices. Now you can try to choose the person or Family edition totally free for 365 days. Normally this password manager costs $35.88 on the Family edition and personal edition for 5 users used only. But now it’s a promotional offer and gets it free for a 1-year subscription.
1Password Password Manager Free 6 Months Subscription Family Edition
In our digital technology modern life, we used secret passwords for different purposes but all the secret passwords you can’t remember at all times. But this 1Password manager is the smart and best simple password manager. It stores all login password details, your bank numbers, software licenses, credit card details with other sensitive information.

How to Get 1Password Password Manager Free 6 Months Subscription –

Just follow the few steps to get this password manager free for all devices.

Step-1: Go to Visit the Promo Page HERE. (Offer is expired) Then enter your name and valid email address. Then hit the Next button.
Step-2: Check your email inbox and you will receive a 6-Digit verification code.
verification code
Step-3: Just copy the code and go to the giveaway page and enter your code to confirm.
Step-4: Then you will need to set a master password and create an account.
You have done and automatically you will enter your main account panel.

Important Note: This promotional offer needs your credit card details but it will not be charged until your 6 monthly trial offers end. Even this company reminds you by email 7 days before.

Download the App for Desktop or Mobile Device Below –

Windows Users – FROM HERE.

For Mac Users – CLICK HERE.

Android Users – Google Play Store.

1Password X for Chrome Users: Chrome.google.com/webstore

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Next, you will see Step One – Install option.
You need to install 1Password where you need your passwords for safety.
Get the Apps – my.1password.com/apps
Get Apps
Now, you choose your desired device and install the apps.

Next, you need to sign in to your account and you need to tap “Scan your Account Details” and follow the instruction to scan your setup code.
Scan Code to Sign In
That’s it and you have done. Enjoy using the 1Password manager.

How Works 1Password Manager –

We have a lot of accounts for apps, websites, or other reasons things. But we need one secret password for each account. Suppose, you set a common password easy to remember and set it for all accounts. But it’s not secure for your account and it may be hacked at any time. So, you should need a strong and smart password. In this situation, the 1Password manager solves your problem and this application sets it by one password only.

This password manager app safe your all unique password into a safe place and it locks them up behind something to know you. You have one Password that’s called a master password. When you need to log in, just you need to click on the “1Password” button and enter your master password and you are in.

I hope you enjoyed this article and enjoy using this 1Password Manager for Free with a 1 Year Subscription. If you face any problems, comment below.

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