Cloud Apps for Android 2020 Free Download

Cloud Apps for Android 2020 Free Download Apk. The top best cloud app for android phone free download and store your data easily. Anyone likes to keep save their photos, videos, songs, data file and much more. Android device has built-in a storage device or you may use a memory card. But it is not sufficient if you want to keep too many files in your device. As a result, you can save your file in cloud storage by using your Android device. But you need third-party apps to store your file into the cloud storage services. Let’s see the best Cloud Apps for Android –

Cloud Apps for Android 2020 Free Download

Cloud Apps for Android 2020 Free Download –

In the cloud storage services, there is unlimited free space to save your files. You can find out various cloud storage services in the online market. But all the storage apps cannot effective. In this issue today I am going to listed Best Cloud Storage for Android. Let’s go forward to check the list to choose the best cloud storage apps from here.

1. Google Drive:

We cannot finish our articles without the most popular and well-known cloud storage drive. Yes, this is Google drive that is the most popular cloud storage all over the world. Some important information about Google Drive has listed below.

• Google Drive provides 15GB free storage with unlimited photos and videos backup services.
• It allows you to upgrade your plan into 100GB if you spend 1.99$ every month or 1TB for $9.99 per month.
• Search option to find out your file and content.
• Opportunity to share files and folders with others.
• Allows you to view file details and activity.

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2. Amazon Drive:

Amazon Drive is the first listed app of our article. It best cloud storage app that available for mobile device and PC both. It provides a free version and also provides a paid version. Let’s have a check their important information from below.

• It provides 5GB storage with unlimited backup.
• But it allows you to use unlimited storage if you spend $60 per year.
• You can upload photos, videos, music, documents, and files.
• You can preview which you uploaded on Amazon Drive.
• Includes rename and delete option.

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3. Dropbox:

Dropbox is the cloud storage app that helps you to store your file or data into the cloud storage services. It provides you different types of opportunity. Let’s have a check their features below.

• It provides 2GB free storage with unlimited photos and videos backup services.
• You can upgrade your storage space into 1TB if you spend $9.99 per month.
• Provides auto photo upload and easy sharing features.
• It supports Microsoft office.
• Opportunity to send your files and documents to others.

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4. Mega:

Mega is the best cloud storage app for Android users. It allows you to upload your files, photos, the document on cloud storage services. Besides, it comes with different types of features given below.

• Mega provides 50GB free storage that is the biggest sign-up bonus for the users.
• You can upgrade cloud storage space 200GB to 4TB.
• Provides notification option.
• Designed with wonderful UI designed.

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5. Microsoft OneDrive:

Microsoft OneDrive provides free online storage that helps you to upload your photos, file, and documents. It’s available for PC, Mac and also for Android users. Some features are given below.

• Microsoft One drive gives 5GB free storage for the first time.
• Opportunity to upgrade your plan 100GB if you spend $1.99 per month.
• It gives you the opportunity to share your uploaded documents with others.
• Delete, move and rename options.
• Search options.

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6. MediaFire:

MediaFire is the cloud storage services that keep safe your documents and files. It’s totally free to use and comes with lots of features. Before download these apps let’s have a look at their features below.

• MediaFire provides 12GB free space at the first usage.
• Opportunity to earn 50GB free space.
• Auto backup your photos and videos.
• Allows you to create folders and files.

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7. G Cloud Backup:

G Cloud Backup is the last listed app in this article. It’s a free app to keep back up your contacts photos, documents, files and much more. Some important information is provided below.

• It provides 1GB free space and opportunity to earn 10GB.
• Migrate your all old device into a new one.
• Organize memory.
• Allows you to cloud backup your all documents and file.
• Auto uploads option.

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In this purpose of keeping safe your files and data, there is the various cloud storage app is available in the online market. But you don’t get find out the best one for you. At the end of this article now we think that you have an idea about the best Cloud Storage app free download. Now you just need to choose your best cloud apps for the android phone from the earlier options.

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