Acethinker Music Recorder Free for 1 Year [Windows & Mac]

Are you looking for the best audio recording for desktop computers? Acethinker Music Recorder may be your fast choice. Using this tool you can record any sound, and convert with download the music. It has included the media player, music downloader, and internet radio recording feature system. It helps to record your external audio without background noise.
Acethinker Music Recorder Free for 1 Year [Windows & Mac]
If you listen to online radio or stream music regularly from your favorite websites. The Music Recorder uses your computer and microphone simultaneously to capture audio and voice. You can stream music, listen to audiobooks, use audio conferences, or make audio calls. Your music player or mobile device can play the sound easily.
Acethinker Music Recorder Free for 1 Year
Acethinker music recorder easy to convert recorded audio files, convert video into MP3s, edit the audio files, music to iTunes convert with burning a CD from the main menu. Apps like this don’t just record audio. Other features are also available. Organize your audio content for easy access.

Among the tools are a radio player and a playlist with different Internet radio stations. Those who want to record audio will find it even easier now. People who don’t know much about computers can use them because of their smooth, easy-to-use interface.

Acethinker Music Recorder Key features:

  • A high-quality recording of the system and external audio should be made.
  • With the help of ID3 tagging, you can identify music song information.
  • The music downloader feature allows you to download music from the internet.
  • The Media Player in Music Recorder can be used to play any recording.
  • You can record unlimited audio and music.
  • Take music downloads from the internet at the same time.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

How to Get Acethinker Music Recorder Free for 1 Year License Key?

Normally, this software price is $29.95 for an annual subscription personal. If you use this subscription it allowed unlimited access. But it’s an official giveaway offer, you can get it free and follow the few steps below:

Step-1: Go to visit the Giveaway Page HERE. Then hit on the [Get Givaway Version] button.
Step-2: The giveaway page will show you the license code and get the download the installer file.
Step-3: You can also download the installer – FROM HERE.
Step-4: Now, install & launch the apps. Open the main windows to click [Activate]
Step-5: Next, enter the activation code and unlock the full version features.
AceThinker Music Recorder License
That’s it and enjoy to use.

I hope you enjoyed this article and get a free 1-year Acethinker Music Recorder officially. It’s a promotional offer and you can use 1/2 PC only for personal. You can get 1-year free tech support. You don’t get any updates to new versions. If you like this software, share it with your family and friends.

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