How to Convert PNG to JPG Mac Without Losing Quality

Are you looking for an easy and simple way to convert the PNG image file to JPG on Mac? Well, you don’t need any PNG to JPG converter and make changes easily. For many reasons, we need a JPEG image file for different purposes. But if you have a PNG format, you will convert it in Mac simple way. PNG to JPEG file format also reduces the image file of size. Let’s see – How to Convert PNG to JPG Mac Without Losing Quality. Try – How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone

How to Convert PNG to JPG Mac Without Losing Quality
Normally when your image contains only text and you should use PNG format. Again, you are sharing a photo portrait style, you should use the JPG format. Many times we convert the PNG image file to JPG format but remember you may lose the quality. This article shows you, without losing the image file quality.

How to Convert PNG to JPG Mac Without Losing Quality –

You follow the few steps to convert this format simply.
Step-1: At first, open your PNG file and run with a preview application.
Step-2: Now double click on the preview icon and go to the File menu, next select on the duplicate.
How to Convert PNG to JPG
Step-3: Just opened a new duplicate file in preview mode.

Step-4: Then open the File menu again and just choose the save button.

Step-5: Now you need to select JPEG format from the drop-down list and finally select on the save file to your directory.

I hope now you enjoyed the above article and know this method on your modern version of macOS or OS X. Most of the time I work with a lot of images in JPEG format. Photoshop will take a longer time to produce in PNG to JPG format. But the above method is easier to work with converting JPG to PNG formats.

How to Convert Image to PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF on a Mac?

Let’s see, how to convert photos or pictures to another format on Mac. Mac users enjoy using this simple way and it saves your time. You don’t need an extra image converter online.

Step-1: Go to select the image group of file and right-click on them and select to open it.
Step-2: Now click on any of the pictures in the window from left. Then hit the [CMD + A] key combination to select all images. You can also select all from the menu bar.
Step-3: Next from the menu bar click the File > Export or Export the selected images.
How to Convert Image to PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF on a Mac
Step-4: When a window that appears, now click on settings and choose your desired format.
Step-5: Open the list of total formats, you can hold down by option ALT button on your keyboard and click to choose your format.

Step-6: Now you need to select your path to save the convertible image files.
Step-7: When the process is starting a progress bar appears on the screen. Normally single image is done quickly but a lot of images conversion may take some time.

I hope the above method is the easiest way to convert your all pictures to PNG, JPG, BMP more formats. All Mac users easy to convert photos to JPEG or other many formats. If you face any problem comment through our comment section.

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