How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone

How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone? You can find the very most comfortable way to remove your duplicate photos on the iPhone. Sometimes, many duplicate photos reduced your storage space. This article helps you that remove duplicate images on the iPhone. There are various apps available online that can manage this process for you quickly and Remo Duplicate Photos Remover use to solve this problem soon. You need to follow some steps –

Steps-1: At first, Install the Remo Duplicate Photos App – From Here. Then Open Remo and tap the scan. You will see, this app automatically look for duplicates photos on your device. It takes some time, and it will depend on how many duplicate photos have your equipment. At this moment you can also used other apps.
How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone
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Steps-2: When the scan finished and Remo apps will show you a pop-up message to indicating how many exact duplicates found. Suppose, only one duplicates photos found and just click to Tap on OK.
Remove Duplicates Photos
Steps-3: You selected the Similar Tab. And you will see more similar photos. Now, you can tap on the yellow boxes to choose images and which photos wanna to delete – select all. At first, you need to select an instance of each image. Then dustbin icon to remove it.
How to Remove Duplicate Photos on iPhone
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