How to Remove Virus from iPhone or iPad

How to Remove Virus from iPhone or iPad? This article explains to you, how to the easiest way to remove a virus from your iPhone. In this modern age, the iPhone or iPad is essential things for every time used. So, you have to need to use the best antivirus software for your iOS system. We share here various way to remove a virus from the iPhone device.

How to Remove Virus from iPhone –

Method-1: (Factory Reset)

It’s the very easiest way to remove the virus is to factory reset your iPhone. Because its resetting will remove all your data and be including virus too from your device. Just follow the steps-

1- At the first Open Settings app –
2- Got to Navigate to Settings > General > Reset
3- Just select erase all the contents and settings and finally input your passcode to start the reset process.
How to Remove Virus from iPhone or iPad

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Method-2: (Clear History and Website Data)

If increased pop-up ads in your browser and it’s the symptom of the virus in your iPhone. Just follow the few instructions to clear history and website data:

1- Open Settings app.
2- Navigate to Safari > Clear History and Website Data.
3- Then select the Clear History and Data to confirm your action finally.
Remove Virus from iPhone

Method-3: (Power Off and Restart)

If you restart your device and it’s enough to clear the RAM and automatically stop the unwanted background processes, including the virus. Follow the few steps-

1- press the power button of your iPhone until the screen changes. Now you will see “slide to power off.”
2- you need to the slider to power the iPhone down and once it switched off and press the power button to the boot device.
How to Remove Virus from iPhone 6

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Methods-4: (Restore Your iPhone from a Recent Backup)

All iPhone user must have a backup your iPhone regularly if you faced any problem just restore the backup and solved easily your problem. You will need to use iTunes for this purpose.

Step-1: Connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes.
How to Remove Virus from iPhone 5s
Step-2: Select This computer and click on Restore Backup.
How to Remove Virus from iPhone 7
Step-3: choose a backup and click on Restore.
How to Remove Virus from iPhone 8

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Method-5: (Upgrade iOS)

If you upgrade your iOS device always, it protects your iPhone from malware attacks.

1- Open Settings app on your iPhone.
2- with a clickHow to Remove Virus from iPhone 4 on General > then Software Update > Install Now.

I hope all iPhone users, enjoyed this article and know about – How to Remove Virus from iPhone easily if you liked this article and shared others.

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