Best Podcast App for Android (2018)

By | March 4, 2018

The best podcast app for Android is essential as the podcast is becoming popular day by day. Most of the website or celebrity has a podcast. It seems that it is a source of information. There are a lot of amazing shows. So, if anyone knows the way to find it, he can enjoy. So, a podcast app on your mobile device will bring you into the world of podcast. To help you, we are here with some best Android podcast apps.

Best Podcast App for Android

BeyondPod – Classic:
It is an old app. But it is still popular with the users. It allows you to do everything you want. You can play the contents offline, can adjust the speed of playback. More than 3 million users are using this app. With a beautiful interface, it provides you a powerful control to access a lot of audio and video from all kinds of publishers such as CNN, ESPN, CBC, etc. The features of this app are below:
Best Podcast App for Android (2018)
• It provides you a lot of videos, an audio podcast from many countries of the world.
• You can play the contents anywhere – online, offline.
• Can customize the playlist as you wish.
• You can play the podcasts on its powerful player.
• It allows you to cast your episodes on the big screen such as TV.
• The resizeable screen widget allows you easy access to the playlist.

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To enjoy this app, Visit Here.

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Google Play Music:
It is one of the classic best podcast apps for Android that provides ad-free service with you want. It starts the radio of music according to the songs, artists, genre, decade, etc. You can upload 50000 songs and have a vast music collection and listen to them anytime on your favorite Android device. But this app is good for the casual listener.
Best Podcast App for Android
• Let’s see the key features of this app.
• You can hear anyone by using this app.
• You can make your own music collection of 50,000 songs.
• Find out and subscribe your favorite podcast.
• It will recommend you the list based on your desire.

To enjoy it, Visit Here.

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Player FM:
Podcast App
It is a good but simple podcast app for Android. It helps you to sync the episodes to cloud, save them to SD card, download offline to listen later, etc. You can also make categories and can control the speed. Player FM also provides more from the daily news, education, music, fitness and many more. It is becoming popular day by day.

To download this app, Click Here.

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Podcast Addict:
Android Podcast App
It is one of the best and popular podcast apps for Android. It comes with a large library of audio, podcasts, live radio, and others. Besides, it supports YouTube, Twitch channels. It is really amazing! This app also provides playback speed control, Chromecast support, SONOS support, etc. It is good for hardcore listeners. This app is also for video podcasts.

To enjoy it, Click Here.

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DoggCatcher comes with everything you would like. You can organize certain podcasts that will download automatically for your offline listening. Besides, you can make automatic delete of some episodes to clean your device. The configuration of this app is high and it provides all your wants. Besides, the built-in search option is the very good feature to find out any podcast. The highlighted features of this app are-
Android Podcast App
• New design.
• It supports ChromeCast.
• You can easily subscribe the podcasts.
• Two theme options.
• Auto cleanup, download capacity.
• Provides customization of the playlists and many more.

To get this app, Click Here.

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Stitcher Radio:
Best Podcast App
It is another popular podcast app on our list. It offers a lot of shows. This app comes with a dashing design and user-friendly interface. It offers some basing features which are fantastic. You will get here everything you want. You can enjoy a pretty experience with this app. If you do the subscription service, you can enjoy the ad-free browsing and can access to the comedy albums, special shows and many more.

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Podcast Republic:
The Podcast Republic is another best quality podcast app for Android users. Over 2 million people are using this app. So, you can trust it and have to on your device. It offers you all to manage and enjoy the podcasts, YouTube, and some other channels. You can also enjoy radio streaming and customize the features.
best Podcast App
• Let’s see the important highlight of this app.
• It supports audio and video. Allows you to subscribe, listen to any podcast.
• This app offers an automated download.
• It saves data consumption.
• Supports multiple playlists.
• There is an alarm to make schedule time to play podcast.

To download it, Click Here.

All the apps are some of the best podcast apps for Android mobile device. If you like to enjoy podcasts and have an Android device, find out the best podcast app for Android and enjoy audio and videos both online and offline.

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