How to Start a Computer in Safe Mode Windows 10

Do you know? how to start a computer in safe mode windows 10. A different way to start in your PC in safe mode. F8 key or Shift + F8 the key is the earlier way to boot into Windows on safe mode but in the latest version, all those features were disabled. Don’t worried, you can easily open your PC in safe mode. Many times we need to troubleshoot our PC for various reasons. So, we need to know about the safe mode system. If you are a Windows 10 users, you can follow the steps below – View Saved Password in Chrome Browser
How to Run a Computer in Safe Mode

How to Start a Computer in Safe Mode Windows 10

Step-1: It’s the configuration (MSConfig) system. You need to hit your Windows Key + R button, then type [msconfig] in your search box. Hit enter to normally open system configuration.

Step-2: Now you need to select to boot tab. Then check the mark in the “Safe Boot” options.

Step-3: Now make sure to minimal radio button to check marked and click on OK button.
Step-4: Finally select the restart button to order to boot your PC in safe mode. You can also select Exit without restarting.

Try Another Method: How to Run a Computer in Safe Mode – Using Settings Options.

Step-1: At first, you need to hit the Windows Key + I button to open the settings app.

Step-2: Manually click on the Update and Security section from the left-hand menu section and just click on recovery. Now you see the right-hand side of the Windows, just click on the “Restart Now” section under the Advanced Startup.

Step-3: After reboots your PC, you will see the same option as above i.e. Then select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart.
Step-4: You can also select the many options listed below – in step 7 under method 2 to boot into safe mode.
Windows On Safe Mode
I hope you understand that different way to open Windows 10 PC into safe mode. It’s very easy if you know about the system. Stay connected with us for more tips or troubleshooting on PC.

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