Best Parental Control App for Android Free Download 2019

Are you looking for the Best Parental Control App for Android Free Download 2019 from the Google Play store? Don’t worry, this article is sharing for you the 5 Android parental control apps. Everybody knows technology is the blessing of the earth. But there has many lousy sides as well as right sides. Some kinds of website that is very harmful to your precious children. Children like to using Smartphone for learning, playing games and watching drama, cartoon, and movies. Sometimes kids also use Smartphone to communicate with their friends and family members. But some others abuse website that’s harmful to the child. So you must follow your child whether abuses the internet. But you can’t support this all the time. In these purposes today we are going to discussed Best Parental Control Apps for Android. It can keep safe your child from all another harmful website like you. So let’s have a look at below:

Best Free Parental Control Apps for Android 2019 Download –

Best Parental Control App for Android Free Download 2019
1. Kids Place:

Kids Place is the best parental control app that helps you to control your child from a malicious website. You can select specific games or website that’s your child can open. Before download let’s have a look at their features:

• It’s allowing you to block and approve the specific site for your children.
• You can prevent download options.
• Options for disable all wireless signals.
• It Includes timeout options.
• It’s a free app.
• You don’t need to open an account.

Get Kids Place Android app – Search on Your Google Play Store

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2. Kid’s Shell:

Kid’s Shell is an app launcher that can allow you to run only approved site and games. Parents can manage their children by using this launcher. It comes with various cool features.

• You can create “Kid Mode” safe zone and select apps that are safe for your child.
• Block all types of inappropriate content.
• It Protects your kids and device also.
• It Works quickly without slow down your machine.
• It Provides own password options.
• You can block incoming calls.

Get Kid’s Shell Android app – Search on Your Google Play Store

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3. Family Time Parental Control:

Family Time Parental Control is the best free parental control app for Android users. It comes with different options and features. Some cool features are given below:

• These parental control children activities on the internet like calls, locations, calls, apps blocking and more.
• You can manage screen time such as bedtime, homework time dinner time, etc.
• You can see activity reports by this parental control app.
• Including PickMeUp Alerts.
• It also includes SOS alerts.

Get Family Time Best Parental Control Android App – Search on Your Google Play Store

4. Funamo Parental Control:

Best Free Parental Control Apps for AndroidFunamo Parental Control is the last listed parental control of our articles. It’s developed with the motto, and new 2.0 versions have just released. You can changes internet settings, parent monitoring and more.

• Funamo Parental Control helps you to select school time.
• It Blocks all types of inappropriate content.
• It Provides website blacklist.
• You can see the activity reports.
• It provides cloud-based solutions.

Get Funamo Parental Control Android app – Search on Your Google Play Store

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5. Net Nanny:

Net Nanny is the award-winning parental controls app that is available for Android. These might help you to control your child from the inappropriate content.

• It can filter 18 different sections to keep safe your child from the malicious website.
• You can block wireless network.
• It Includes the customs blacklist.
• Application management.

Get Net Nanny Android app – Search on Your Google Play Store

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I hope you enjoyed this article and knew about the top best parental control apps for Android. Now you can choose your best parental control from the earlier options. All these apps are available in Google Play Store.

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