How to Change DNS on Android Phone [Complete Guideline]

If you want to change your DNS server on the Android device? You should know first, how to change DNS on Android Phone easily. The different reasons we want to change our internet connection. Sometimes we see the internet connection speed under heavy load or may be attacked by malicious. But we need always faster speeds and so, this article shows you how to change DNS.

How to Change DNS on Android Phone and What DNS Address to Use –

You must know if the DNS addresses are available to use and it is very difficult to challenge to change manually on your smartphone device. You also heard to know about the most common DNS service is Google and OpenDNS. You can also select this service and easily set it on your DNS section. We share here the changing DNS on your Android Device Version 8, 7, and 6. We just configure your Android Wi-Fi network connection system and use it to an alternative DNS server. If you are an iPhone user, check to please – How to Remove Virus from iPhone

Google: and
OpenDNS: and

Follow the few steps below –
Step-1: At first, you need to pull down the notification section and tap the gear icon from the right corner. Then go to tap Wi-Fi.
Step-2: Open your wireless network and need to modify your network.
How to Change DNS on Android Phone
Step-3: Tap on the advanced options and then tap to DHCP.
Android DNS Settings
Step-4: When a popup will be open, tap on static and select DNS 1 & DNS 2. Type your the DNS address like – &
How to Change DNS Settings on Android
Step-5: Now click on SAVE to finish.

In this way, you can set and change the DNS address easily. You can also use different Wi-Fi networks and choose your Google DNS address of If you use another network you could use the Open DNS address of & The android device allows you to make changes to your network configuration. It helps to a better and faster speed. You can also use Android DNS changer to easily change Android DNS settings. If you face any problem, comment on us.

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