How to Clear Google Maps History on iPhone and Android

Do you know, how to clear Google Maps history on iPhone or Android smartphone device. We know, Google map is an excellent app on an iPhone or Android device. That’s the help to find out local points of interest and indicates your instant place. If you use this app many times for a different purpose, you need to clear the search with the direction history. Want to learn, how to delete Google Maps search history and clear navigation easily. Just follow this instruction –

How to Clear Google Maps History on iPhone –

Step-1: go to open the Google Maps app on your iPhone.

Step-2: Now go to the app menu and navigate to the setting. Then click on Map history.
How to Clear Google Maps History
Step-3: Now you will see the search and destination history. Now click on tap the (X) and want to delete or clear. Then tap to remove to confirm.

How to Delete Google Maps history on Android –

History Deleted
Step-1: At first open the Google Maps on your Android phone, then swipe in from the left edge > tap settings.

Step-2: Now tap the maps history, which you have made.

Step-3: Now you need to remove the item and tap the (X) at the right of the entry.
You will see pop up a box to confirming the item, that’s you want to delete. Now you can tap to remove to confirm.

Step-4: If you deleted the search history and it will never show up as a suggested entry when you want to go to do a new search.
If you want to delete a route, it will no longer show up to getting directions to any location nearby.

Quick Tips to Deleted Google Maps History Android Smartphone –

Last Word: I hope you enjoyed this article. Now you can quickly delete the Google Maps history from your Android or iPhone.

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