CareUEyes Pro Free for Windows [Eye Protection]

Do you look for free eye protection software for Windows? CareUEyes pro is the best blue light filter eye protection for PC. Using this CareUEyes Pro adjusts your computer color temperature and adjusts the light. It helps to prevent sharp brightness, which is not a bad effect on your eyes.

CareUEyes Pro Free for Windows [Eye Protection]

In addition to your eyesight, long periods of time spent seated at a computer are bad for you. Many apps can be of assistance to you.

CareUEyes Pro Key of Features:

Adjust the Brightness:

An excessively bright or too dark computer monitor can cause eye strain. Screen brightness is automatically adjusted in CareUEyes based on ambient light.

Improve Productivity:

You can customize the size of the reading area, as well as its transparency of it, by choosing the ‘Focus’ function. While reading, you are able to stay focused and be more productive.

CareUEyes Pro Features

Blue Light Filter:

3 Way to light filtering that has a high energy level, short wavelength, and a tendency to flicker. Eye strain is commonly associated with it. Blue light is harmful to the retina, but this app successfully filters out harmful blue light.

Break Reminder:

Staring at a computer for long periods of time can lead to eye fatigue. In order to avoid eye problems or dizziness caused by prolonged sitting, CareUEyes will let us know every hour when to get up or take a break.

Powerful Rules:

Blue light filters on PCs and laptops cause the screen to appear yellow when activated. If you select the eye protection mode, color-sensitive applications will run. When you enable pause mode in PhotoShop, Notepad will operate normally.

How to Get CareUEyes Pro Free for Windows PC?

Normally this software price at $29.99 per pro subscription. But you can get it free by promotional offering from the German webpage CHIP. They are offering a pro version giveaway to the CareUeyes software for free. Follow the few steps to get it free.

First, go to visit the – CHIP German Webpage.
Then, click here to the Download button and download to install the software.
Remember, it’s pre-activated, so you don’t need to use any license.
Run the installer and complete the installation process.
When software launches the 1st time you need to change the language from German to English.
How to change the Language package, after opening the main dashboard click the settings gear icon on the main Window top right corner.
Language mode change to select the English.

Language Select
You can also download the latest version from the developer: FROM HERE.
Just install and enjoy the latest version.

Update the Latest Version

I hope you enjoy getting this blue light filter eye protection for Windows. If you like to use it, share it with your friends and family.

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