Is Edge better than Chrome [Which Browser is Safer & Faster]

When it comes to internet browsing, Chrome, and Edge are surely the top two contenders, along with Mozilla. However, the battle gets intense when it comes to Edge vs. Chrome. Yes, Chrome and Edge are built on Chromium and use an open-source platform.

However, except for the technical elements, most common users are only concerned with knowing, “Is Edge better than Chrome? Or Is Chrome better” Also, many people want to know if any of these browsers will slow down their device performance?

Is Edge better than Chrome

We have gone through their user interface, multiple features, extension facility, security, and speed to know which browser delivers better performance. While the two browsers fought neck to neck in most categories, Google Chrome got an edge with its smartphone usability as it comes as a default browser on every Android phone.

So, let’s jump deep into comparing these two high-end browsers to know which one you should use.

Is Edge better than Chrome?

There’s no doubt that both Chrome and Edge have user-friendly and excellent features. Also, they are the two default browsers of the two biggest platforms. Chrome is the default browser for the Android system, and Edge is for Windows.

However, when it comes to better performance, it’s tough competition. In the next few sections, we will try to describe their top-end features, performance, security, and add-ons to help you quickly make the right decision.


Performance of Browser

When you use a browser on your device, the first thing you would want to look at is its performance. It has two parts, including browsing speed and how much RAM it uses to open the tabs.
One of the main problems with Chrome is its hefty use of RAM. Tom’s Guide ran a test to find the answer to their RAM uses. Chrome uses 3.7GB of RAM to open 60 tabs simultaneously in the test. On the contrary, Edge used 2.9GB of memory for the same tabs.

Thus, it is clear that Chrome uses more resources to run on your device than Edge. Also, a few experts suggest that Edge is faster than Chrome is a true claim by Edge’s developer team. So, with Edge, you won’t see any major slowdown in your device performance, which isn’t the case with Chrome. It notoriously eats up your device resources.

Nonetheless, there’s a big problem with Edge. Many users have complained that Microsoft Edge does not connect to the internet. So, it can be a hassle for users.

Browser extensions:

Extensions in our browsers are designed to make our internet journey better. Different extensions such as Grammarly, Awesome Screenshot, HubSpot Sales, Surfer SEO, etc., are used for daily and business purposes.

And when it comes to better browser extensions, Chrome stays way ahead of Edge. Nearly every extension is primarily designed to work with Chrome. So, you can easily install and run them. On the contrary, you won’t find many popular and useful extensions for Edge. Thus, the Microsoft Edge compatibility problem for extensions is a serious concern.

Yes, Edge is trying to narrow the gap, but it will take time. However, one benefit of Edge is that the extensions are highly secured. Microsoft team ensures that every extension for their browser is safe and secure. So, it should bring peace of mind to the users.

Privacy and security:

Browser Privacy & Security

Most of our privacy and important information gets leaked when we browse the internet. It happens because malware, viruses, and phishing sites all enter our devices through the internet. Hence, looking at your browser’s privacy options and security is of prime importance.

Naturally, people ask, “Is Microsoft Edge safer than Chrome?”

The answer is yes. Edge is almost surely safer than Google Chrome. Also, Edge comes with more security settings and privacy features than Chrome. Also, you can rely on the security features because the Microsoft development team is a fan of better security always. They know that their users expect better security, and they always provide the same.

Also, the different security system in Windows, such as Windows Defender and SmartScreen, works seamlessly with Edge.

On the other side, it is an open secret that Google almost always uses Chrome to collect users’ data. So, that’s a big negative point for the browser. Read also: Block a Website on Google Chrome Windows 10

User interface:

The user interface of Edge and Chrome is pretty similar. If you have used Edge, you will find the Chrome user interface quite similar. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the user interface of both browsers. Nonetheless, the compatibility view settings in Chrome are a useful feature that Edge doesn’t have.

You can do the following things easily with both browsers:

  • Easily clear the cache
  • Use the browser privately
  • Seamless surfing experience

Thus, both browsers will give you a nice cozy experience for sure.

Tabs, bookmarks, and favorites:

Many professionals would need to open multiple tabs and work seamlessly. Thus, it is important to look at how many tabs you can open and quickly shift while using the browser. Plus, it should be easy to bookmark any open tab. It will also be useful to access your favorite bookmark and open it whenever necessary quickly.

You will see all the opened tabs on a horizontal row on both browsers. But Edge gets an advantage since it lets you shift to a vertical row for the tabs. It makes the browsing experience smoother. You will need to download and run Web Extension for this vertical option.

Next, it comes to bookmarks. Before we discuss it, here’s a quick suggestion:
“Edge calls the saved address of the tabs as favorite, and Chrome names it as a bookmark. So, these are virtually the same thing with a different name.”

You can easily put your most used and required addresses on the top bar. You have to pin it. Also, you can keep the other tabs in the drop-down menu. These features are the same for Edge and Chrome. However, Edge comes with an added “Collection” menu.

It lets you organize everything seamlessly. It includes tabs, images, texts, etc. While Google also has a similar function, its usability is limited. So, you won’t find it user-friendly.

On top of it, Edge’s Collection allows you to send your saved texts, images, or tabs directly to Microsoft Docs, Pinterest, Excel, and other Collections. So, it enhances your user experience brilliantly. Read also: Recover Deleted History On Google Chrome

Customization options:

We live in a world where we want to optimize and customize everything to meet our personality. Also, customization options are essential to make the browser look like our preference. Thankfully, both Chrome and Extension have excellent customizations.

You can easily choose from multiple themes. Also, there’s the option of dark modes.

You may choose the themes in Chrome Store for the Chrome browser. Although it doesn’t have a specific dark mode, you can choose darker themes. It will compensate quite well. On the other side, for Edge, you can choose the themes from the “Appearance Settings” option. There’s also an option to get more themes from the Microsoft store.

Mobile version:

These days 4.32 billion people use the internet through their smartphones. Thus, the mobile version of different browsers is an important fact. In this regard, Chrome is way ahead of Edge. Chrome holds a 63.72% share of the global smartphone browsers.

An edge is almost a non-existent option here. Thus, Chrome will always be a better option if you need to use the internet from a smartphone. What’s more, Chrome allows you to use the full desktop version on your smartphone. So, with Chrome, you will get an immersive experience.

Synchronization and backup:

Previously, people disliked Edge for its limited backup and syncing options. Edge, however, has caught up with the gap quite fast. Now, you can access nearly every synchronization and backup option with Edge. It has many similarities with Chrome.

Top syncing and backup options include:

  • History
  • Settings
  • Open tabs
  • Passwords
  • Addresses
  • Payment methods

However, accessing the payment method or password with Chrome is slightly easier.

Comparison Table of Edge Vs Chrome Android:

Comparison point –
Google ChromeMicrosoft Edge
Launched:September 8, 2008April 29, 2015
Market share of internet users:69.28%7.75%
Usability:Usable in every platform and operating systemsYou can’t use in Android platform without Linux
RAM uses:Uses 30% to 40% more RAMIt uses less RAM than Chrome
Tracking prevention:Not availableMicrosoft has integrated tracking prevention into Edge


Question: Is Edge more secure than Chrome?

Ans: Yes, Edge is safer than Chrome. Firstly, Edge has integrated tracking prevention into it. It helps in protecting your information better. Chrome doesn’t have such features because it depends on tracking your web activity for a better user interface.

Question: Is Edge slower than Chrome?

Answer: Although on paper, Edge is faster than Chrome, in reality, it often gets slow. In fact, we have seen that Microsoft Edge not responding to Windows 10 or 11 is a common happening. So, you should be aware of the untimely unresponsiveness of Edge on your device.

Question: Which browser is faster, Chrome or Edge?

Answer: Microsoft’s development team claims that Edge is 112% faster than its competitor Google Chrome. But, in reality, Edge often becomes unresponsive. So, it can be a headache.

Final Words:

This discussion on Edge being better than Chrome suggests that both browsers perform quite a neck-to-neck. Their user interface and performance are quite identical. However, Edge uses fewer resources on your device and is safer. So, you may choose Microsoft Edge if your concern is safety and device performance.

On the contrary, you should choose Chrome if you want a cleaner and smoother user experience. Also, it offers premium extensions for different tasks. Lastly, for smartphone users, Chrome may be the only option to go as Edge is non-existent in this category.

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