How to Recover Deleted History On Google Chrome?

Are you confused, deleted all browsing history on Google Chrome. This article share with you, how to recover deleted history on Google Chrome easily. We know our all browsing history normally save in the C drive on your operating system. Many times you can not recover the deleted browser history easily. If you are lucky, you can all the history restore from the recycle bin with the original location as – C:\Users\*Username*\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default. But if the system does not work, you can follow some other methods below.
How to Recover Deleted History On Google Chrome

How to Recover Deleted History On Google Chrome Browser –

Method-1: Google Chrome (Previous Version Restore)

We know, Windows automatically creates a restore point. You can easily restore the Google Chrome history back. Follow the below steps –

Step-1: Press your (Windows Key + E) button to open the application. You can also try double click on your File Explorer shortcut icon to open the application.
Step-2: Follow the following path: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local
Note: Replace the username on your computer.
Step-3: Find out the Google sub-folder and right-click on it. Then go to select the properties from the last.

Step-4: When open the Google Properties Windows, move to the previous version tab.

Step-5: Now select the Google folder and make sure your date and time to get a clear idea. Then click on apply.
Step-6: Now, click on the OK button.

Method-2: Google Activity Check

Many times we synced the chrome browser with our Gmail address. If you used Gmail all-time to log in to chrome browser, you can easily check your browsing history from Google’s My Activity service.
We know Google always track our every movement on the internet. They are offering a huge system for us. Such as Youtube history, Location history, (browsing history and app usage), and more. So, you can check to try this.

Step-1: Open your chrome browser and click on a new tab (Control + T) button. Next, go to the search this address –
Step-2: Now sign in to your Google Account, which Gmail account you are using chrome browser.
Step-3: Next, click on the 3 horizontal bars (Hamburger icon), then select the Item view from the list menu.
Step-4: Now you can filter by date and product option and check your activity list. You also search directly from the top search bar.
Delete Google History from My Activitry

Method-3: Use DNS Cache

Step-1: Press the (Windows Key + R) button, run the command box. Now type cmd on the text box and click on OK. You will see the open the Command Prompt Window.

Step-2: Now, you type the ipconfig/displaydns, and press on the enter button.

Step-3: You will see the list of recently visited website list will be displayed and you can check this.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article and now you are able to know, how to recover deleted history on the Google Chrome browser successfully. If you like our tips and other solution for PC security, please share with others and comment on the best sound.

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