How to Burn MP3 to an Audio CD in Windows 10 (Step by Step)

Do you know? burn mp3 to an audio CD in Windows 10 using Windows Media Player. This article will show you a guideline to burn mp3 to audio CD and this CD will be able to play on your CD player. But your computer has a CD-RW drive that are you using to burn your mp3 music. We know mp3 audio is a piece of common format music. Sometimes all the audio format does not support in your device, then you will need to convert MP3 music to Audio CD format.

How to Burn MP3 to an Audio CD in Windows 10 –

We know Windows media player is a common built-in media player in Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows10. Many times we burn in CD wrong way. So, we need to the right way to processing burn mp3 to the CD. Remember, you need to choose the “CD-R” and not choose the “CD-RW”. Because if you burn your music to use CD-RW, there are many media player can not play the rewritable CDs. So, you select the normal “CD-R” and it’s is the right way and play with any CD players. Let’s see the tutorial:

Step-1: At first, one blank CD inserts the CD/DVD burner “ROM” of your computer or laptop.
Step-2: Next, open the Windows Media Player application.
Step-3: Added your favorite music, then click on the “BURN” tab located in the above right corner.
How to Burn MP3 to an Audio CD in Windows 10
Step-4: Then click on the Burn option icon and select your “Audio CD” option.

Step-5: Now, open Windows Explorer and go to your drive where the all favorite music stored that you burn to a CD.
Step-6: Now, you need to open Windows Media Player and Windows Explorer are both visible with each other.
Step-7: Next, select your all MP3 files and drag from Windows Explorer into the Burn list in Windows Media Player.
Audio CD Burn
Note: You can not exceed your CD space capacity and check your total minutes. Normally use 72 or 80 minutes and you can also view in your details.

Step-8: When all processes complete and ready, finally click on the “Start Burn” tab. It’s located under the Play tab.
How to Burn MP3 to an Audio CD in Windows 10
Now, Windows Media Player will start the convert your all mp3 files to Audio CD format. When burning is completed, Windows noticed. It will be played your car stereo with a CD player.

It’s the easiest way to burn MP3 to an Audio CD in your Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 operating system. You don’t need other applications to burn the Audio CD.

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