Steganos Safe 22 License Key Free for 1 Year [Windows]

If are you looking for the best digital safeguarding tool for Windows PC. Steganos Safe is the best security and privacy protection tool for Windows users. It helps to create a virtual password-protected on your drive to be more secure. It’s securely storing all your sensitive data on their digital safeguarding system. Just one click to save your all files and folders to protect with securely hidden. It provides the best solution for privacy with safety.

Steganos Safe 22 License Key

Steganos Safe functions as your computer’s normal drive. Files can be saved, edited, or deleted. Your data is secure when you close the safe. Access to the Safe file is impossible without the password.

When you need to protect sensitive information on your computer by encrypting it. To create virtual safes, you must use Steagaons’ software. With this giveaway version of Steganos, you can also encrypt Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft One Drive.
Steganos Safe 22 License Windows
Using Steganos Safe software, you can save, edit, and delete files on this secure drive like any other drive on your computer. Data stored on this drive will be safe after it is closed, and no one will be able to access it without a password.

There are three types of ‘safes’ you can create with Steganos’ virtual drives:

I. Safe: Encryption software on your computer that allows you to create virtual drives.
II. Portable Safe: The use of external hard drives or USB drives as a secure storage medium.
III. Cloud safe: Using OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive, you should encrypt your data.
Steganos Safe 22

Steganos Safe Key features:

  • The maximum size for safe storage is 2TB (2,048GB).
  • As long as you eject the USB stick, the virtual vault closes, protecting your sensitive data.
  • Cryptography with 384 bits (IEEE P1619), accelerated with NI-hardware, for maximum protection from snoops, thieves, and intelligence agencies.
  • It can be accessed from anywhere and can seamlessly integrate into Windows as a disk drive.
  • Safes can be configured easily in your home network.
  • Safes expand automatically to save you valuable space on your flash drive.
  • Moving or deleting safes has never been easier.
  • Photographs are password protected by Picasso, and files are permanently destroyed with Steganos Shredder.
  • It is not only possible to encrypt your data with Steganos Safe 18, but you can also hide it in an inconspicuous picture, a piece of music, or even a movie, if desired.
  • Supported Operating System: Windows 10/8/7 (32bit/64bit)

How to Steganos Safe 22 License Key Free for 1 Year [Windows]?

Step-1: Go to visit the – Giveaway Page HERE.
Step-2: After opening the giveaway page, then enter your email and hit on the “Request Serial Number”.
Step-3: Then go to check your email inbox and click on the confirm your subscription. (If the confirmation email did not get, check your spam folder too)
Step-4: When you click on the confirmation link and you will get a license key.
Step-5: Then log in to your Steganos Safe Account HERE. (If you have not, click the new account)
Step-6: Next, you need to redeem the code and when it’s successful. Then click on the installer From HERE.
Step-7: Finally, log into your account and enjoy getting it free for 1 year.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article and get a free 1-year license key giveaway officially. But it has some limitations as you don’t get a free update or technical support.

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