Best Home Security Apps for Android 2023 [Reviews]

If are you trying to find the best home security apps for android devices, you are in the right place here. We listed the home security camera apps in the 2023 review in this article. Try to choose the best camera security app to secure your house. Day by day Smartphone is getting popular in our modern technology World.

Nowadays, people cannot think of anything without a Smartphone. Nowadays mobile phone is hand in hand. This Smartphone helps to save your home or office with a home security app. So a Smartphone is part and parcel of our life. Try – Android Phones Secret Codes 2023

Best Home Security Apps for Android –

Best Home Security Apps for Android

Sometimes various types of threats, hijackers, or enemies can attack your favorite Home. Those hamper your phone and also your family. Don’t worry. There are multiple types of Home Security apps are available in the online market. But you don’t know which one is effective and perfect for you. In this way, today I am going to list the Home security Apps for phones. Let’s check the list to choose useful security apps from below. Check – How to Make an Android Phone Faster without Using Apps

1. Alfred: Home Security Camera:

Home Security Apps for Android

Alfred is the best home security app for all Smartphone users. It allows you to check on your home from a phone or tablet. It comes with various types of features. Before using this app let’s have a look at its functions.

• You can set up this home security app within a minute.
• Need to pair your device with a Gmail account.
• It doesn’t require any IP settings or network configuration.
• Instant notification when detecting any motion.
• Allows you to see and talk with your family via microphone.
• It works with a 3G or 4G or 5G network when your wifi is not available.
• Includes flashlight and night vision.

Get the Alfred: Home Security Camera App FreeVisit Google Playstore

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2. I-Security App:

Home Security Apps for Android

I-Security, helps you to watch live streaming video using your camera via WiFi and the 3G/4G/5G network of your home or office. It is the best useful app for home security. It comes with various types of features that are given below.

• I-Security allows you to set up multiple servers.
• It supports snapshots.
• Allows you to monitor your home via live video.
• It supports a demo site, audio, and much more.

Get the I-Security app FreeVisit Google Playstore

3. Video monitor App:

Android Home Security Apps

Video Monitor is another app for home security for Android users. You can set your Android phone, tablet, or PC into the live video to control your home. Some features are as below.

• Set your phone to live streaming to monitor your home.
• It provides a GPS location tracking system.
• It offers audio and video recording options.
• Works in the background mood.
• Easy to use and install.

Get the Video Monitor App FreeVisit Google Playstore

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Home Security Apps for Android Phone is the home security app that secures your home or office from the enemy. This app is free to use and it’s available in the Play Store. It comes with some cool features.

• allows you to lock and unlock your doors.
• Opportunity to take screenshots at different times.
• Possibility to record videos to watch later.

Get the app Free Visit Google Playstore

5. Vivint Smart Home:

Home Security Apps

Vivint Smart Home security app provides a paid version and a free version both. You can control your home from anywhere the user of your Smartphone.

• It provides a Sky control premium version.
• Opportunity to see climate controls.
• You will get a notification if your front door is open.
• Lock or unlock doors from anywhere.
• Have options for the custom home security solution.

Get the Vivint Smart Home App FreeVisit Google Playstore

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6. Presence:

Home Security Apps Free

Presence is the old home security app that is compatible with iOS and iPhone. It’s effective for all Android users to protect their homes and family from various threats.

• Presence allows you to monitor your home and family in real-time protection.
• It provides alerts and notifications to save your home.
• Free and designed with a user-friendly interface.
• Allow work with a 3G or 4G network without wifi.

Get the Presence Android App FreeVisit Google Playstore

7. At-Home Camera:

Top Best Home Security Apps for Android

We will finish our article to list At Home Camera – Home Security app. It is the most popular and best home security app for Android users. Before using this app let’s have a look at some features below.

• At Home, the security app lets you monitor your baby, pet, and home.
• Provides high-definition live video using 3G, 4G, or WiFi network.
• Opportunity to schedule record.
• The app is in small size 6.4MB, and you need to be required a 2.3 or up android version.
• You can run it on a computer, tablet, and iOS and iPhone devices.
• Opportunity to talk with family members by using headphones.

Get At Home Camera App Free Visit Google Playstore

There are different types of home security apps available in the online market – Google Playstore. But you don’t get to find out the best one. At the end of this article, I think that you have an idea about the best Home Security Apps for Android phone users. Now you will find out the Best Home Security app from the earlier options.

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