How to Delete Apps on iPhone 6 Plus, 7, 8 Completely

Do you know, how to delete apps on iPhone 6 Plus, 7, 8? Usually, iOS apps small and don’t need more storage space for use. Sometimes, you already installed a lot of apps on your iPhone and you want to uninstall apps on iPhone. We share our article different methods to delete or uninstall apps from your iPhone. Let’s see and follow the few steps to completely delete iPhone apps.

How to Delete Apps on iPhone –

Methods-1: Tap on “X” and it’s the normal option to delete apps anytime. Follow the few steps below-

Step-1: At first, hold and tap all app. Select what app want to delete.
How to Delete Apps on iPhone 6
Step-2: You will see the tap on the (X) at the right corner of the app.
Step-3: Now need to select and delete it from the pop-up. Repeat it again with other apps, that want to remove completely.

Methods-2: Using the “Settings” to delete apps from the iPhone.

Step-1: At first, unlock the iPhone and next go to tap on the “Settings” app.
Step-2: Now swipe down and tap on the General option, then go to iPhone storage.
Step-3: Now select the app, that you want to uninstall from your iPhone and tap on the “Delete App”

I hope it’s the perfect method to uninstall apps from your iPhone. If you use this method, you will see the exact storage per apps. You decide to delete or remove large unnecessary apps. Thanks for visiting and stay with us for the next offer.

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