How to Remove McAfee Livesafe from Windows 10 – Step by Step

Do you know? How to disable any apps from Windows 10. Even get trouble with McAfee Livesafe and don’t know how to remove McAfee Livesafe from Windows 10 completely. This antivirus quite popular and like to use many users. Sometimes few branded laptop – like Dell, Asus, Lenovo powered with Windows 10 preinstall McAfee antivirus. If you want to stop or remove it from your device, follow steps.

How to Remove McAfee Livesafe from Windows 10 –

Step-1: At first go to the Windows start menu or start from the small gear icon to access. You can also use the Win+I button.
How to Disable McAfee Livesafe from Windows 10 Completely
Step-2: Next click on Apps.

Step-3: find out the McAfee Livesafe in the right pane by scroll down. Then select to seeing two options. You need to select Uninstall.

Step-4: Now you need to follow a few some step below:

1. McAfee live safe and
2. Just remove all program or reinstall on this PC. (Screenshot below)

Just click on Remove button on the dialog and remove McAfee to Wipeout.

Step-5: After the uninstallation completed, select the Restart now button.

If you are not satisfied with this, uninstall system? You need to visit the official site and get “McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool” (viz. MCPR). Let’s see –

How to Uninstall McAfee Livesafe by Removal Tool?

Step-1: At first the download MCPR tool from an official site. After downloading the MCPR.exe and complete installation.

Step-2: Then select Yes on the user control account and click next on McAfee software removal interface.

Step-3: Now select on Agree section and click on Next button.

Step-4: Then type on the captcha box correctly and select on Next.

Now MCPR will automatically detect the McAfee live safely installed the program and automatically start uninstallation.
It might take a few minutes to remove from your Windows 10 successfully. After completed uninstall and reboot the Windows system.
Before reboot, you can also save any pending task to avoid losing any critical data.

Final Word: You enjoyed this article and knew about how to delete or disable McAfee Livesafe from Windows 10 easily. We share the above article two way to remove this security program successfully. If you don’t like to use McAfee uninstall mode manually, you can also use the McAfee Removal Tool via officially.

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