How to Password Protect an Excel File

In this article is covering by how to password protect an excel file. In the modern age, we like to protect our special or many important things from others. Sometimes we use our many important files to save with excel sheet. But most users don’t know how to protect it from others. We use Microsoft Excel sheet various purposes and we save many important data like business documents, privacy data, etc. If you don’t want to access your these important documents with others and want to limited access to authorization only. You need to create a password to protect your excel sheets. Let’s see – how to make an excel sheet password protected? Like – How to Uninstall Onedrive Windows 10 PC

How to Password Protect an Excel File –

Step-1: Firstly, you need to navigate to “File” option, Where you will get to protect your entire excel files.
How to Password Protect an Excel File
Step-2: Then, you need to click (Info), next click on the “Protect Workbook” options.

Step-3: Now, you will click on the drop-down menu on the option (Encrypt with Password).

Step-4: Next you create a strong password and protect your excel file. Like – Steganos Privacy Suite 19 License Key Free

When you submitted to protect your excel file with a strong password, then next time when you want to open this file and it will show a password protected.

You can also another way to protect your Excel sheet by read-only access. Let’s see –

Step-1: Go to click on File option.

Step-2: Just tap on the “Save As” option.

Step-3: Then, you need to click on the tools below of the button under save as dialog box and select the general option.

Step-4: Then, you will see the two options one password to open and the second password to modify option.

If you set a password for open only, it works on open the excel file. If you set the second password for modifying only, it works on just allow to changes anything on your excel files.

Another Way to Protecting your Worksheet:

Step-1: Just open your excel sheet and click on the file.

Step-2: Then go to the Review section.

Step-3: Just click on protect a section and you enjoy to protect everything on your excel documents.

I hope you enjoyed this article and now you understand how to protect your Excel sheet files from others. For more info- stay connected with us.

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