How to Uninstall Norton on Windows 10 – Step by Step

By | May 23, 2018

Hi! Guys, today I want to share with you, how to uninstall Norton on Windows 10 or another version. Norton is one of the top popular security products and worldwide users. If you want to remove Norton security software from your operating system and won’t use antivirus software. Sometimes it’s very difficult to remove Norton products from PC. But you can very simply to uninstall Norton security using Add/Remove programs windows offers.

How to Uninstall Norton Security on Windows 10 Completely:

1. At first, go to open your start menu, choose settings > next system > Apps & features.
How to Uninstall Norton on Windows 10
2. Now you need to allow the start uninstall process to run by clicking “Yes”.
How to Uninstall Norton Security
3. Now, you will see the Norton will initialize the uninstaller.
How to Uninstall Norton on Windows
4. On the screen you need select to click on”please remove all user data”.
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Uninstall Norton Products
5. Now, select “No, thanks” if you get a screen like this one.
How to Uninstall Norton Antivirus
6. Then, on the next screen, you need to click on “Next”.
Norton Security Removal
7. The removal process of Norton Security is happening – it takes up to 2 minutes.
Norton Removal Guide
8. On the screen, you will see the message Norton security uninstalled. Final stage – restart your computer.
How to remove norton
Now, you are all done with Norton Security.

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How to Uninstall Norton Products using the Norton Removal Tool:

You can easily remove Norton products using Norton removal tool. But remember Norton products like Norton Utilities, Norton Identity Safe, Norton Family will not be removed by using this method. Just follow the instruction below:

1.At first download the Norton removal tool – From Here.

2. Now, run the file from your download folder.
How to Uninstall Norton Products using the Norton Removal Tool
3. Then, click Yes to install it on your PC.
4. Now, open on the first screen – Welcome to Norton Removal Tool. Just you need to click on Next.
Norton Removal Tool
5. You need to accept the license agreement and click >> Next.

6. Now, you will see the security check and fill out the captcha >> click Next.
Norton Removal Tool
7. Then, confirm to click on next.

8. Wait for few times to uninstalling Norton security. (2 minutes take time)

9. Finally, click on “Restart”.
How to remove norton security using removal tool
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