Privacy Protector for Windows 10 Free Giveaway

If are you looking for the best privacy protection application for Windows? Privacy Protector for Windows 10 Free Giveaway from SoftOrbits. It is an all-in-one tool to the best choice for fix any privacy issues in Windows 10 operating system. Simple to use and user-friendly interface. Using this tool you can disable all tracking services which are found in Windows 10 operating system. This privacy protector tool totally controls your Windows 10 operating system.
Privacy Protector for Windows 10 Free Giveaway
A privacy protector user can block unwanted traffic or any unwanted activity on the operating system. Using this tool you can disable, delete or block some tools such as – office telemetry, power efficiency diagnostics, Windows search, media center, Contrana, customer experience improvement programs. This tool solves the Windows 10 privacy issues and it can stop the Windows 10 tracking. It includes an automatic system restore point that works before making changes to any system. Even required privacy fixes can be reverted.
Privacy Protector for Windows 10 Free for 6 Months
Key of Features Privacy Protector:
– Easily disable the Windows update and block the unwanted updates.
– Enables users to uninstall OneDrive and enables disable the bing search.
– Disables or delete the Telemetry, clear and disable the DiagTrack log.
– Disable the Cortana to prevent data collection from the webcam and microphone.
– Disable the keylogger and Windows defender turn off.
– Simply disable the Windows Defender
– Blocks, stops, or removes over the 37 services tracking system.
– Allows reinstalling Windows 7 picture viewer and enables the removal of all built-in metro apps.
– Enables the disabling bing search.
– Allows blocking optionally Microsoft office updates.
– Block the over 60 Microsoft IP addresses which are engaged in the user activity tracking.
– Block the network tracking IP addresses from Windows Firewall.
– Supported Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, or Vista.

How to Get Privacy Protector for Windows 10 Free Giveaway?

It’s a promotional offer from SoftOrbits. Privacy protectors for Windows 10 applications cost $14.99. But, you can get it totally free officially giveaway and follow the few steps.

Step-1: Visit the Giveaway Page HERE.
Step-2: After opening the promotional page, then enter your email address.
Step-3: Click on the [Request Full Version Key] button. Now, go to check your email inbox.
Step-4: You will receive a confirmation email from the SoftOrbits team, click on the confirmation link.
Step-5: Next, enter your first name and last name. Then click on the [Done, Continue] button.
Step-6: The giveaway page will show the license code and copy the code.
Step-7: Download the installer file – FROM HERE.
Step-8: After complete, the download then runs the installer. Complete the installation and launch the application.
Step-9: When open the main window click on the [Register] button. Then enter your receiving license code and activate it.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this privacy protector for Windows 10. It’s another PC security Tool. You can enjoy using Privacy protector for Windows 10 free for 6 Months officially giveaway. If you like this share it with your friends and family.

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