Best Video Player Apps for Android 2019 Free Download

Today I share here the best video player apps for android 2019 Free Download. Watching videos is the best sources of entertainment at present. Everybody likes to view various types of videos using their Smartphone. But everybody wants to see the videos in a comfortable way or with a big screen. For this purpose, Android phones supported some third-party app called video player. Video player helps you to watch videos with the excellent user experience.

Best Video Player Apps for Android 2019

Now the question is how you can get this video player? Don’t worry! Today I am going to listed Top 6 Best Video Player Apps for Android. Let’s have a look these below.

Best Video Player Apps for Android 2019 –

1. MX Player App: (Latest Version)

Video Player Apps for Android

No android users are available who don’t know about MX Player Latest Version. It is the best and most popular video player all over the world. So I want to point out some critical features before download.

• It provides you with hardware decoding; hardware accelerated, playback and much more.
• You can zoom out and zoom out.
• It includes Subtitle Gestures.
• Opportunity to lock the videos that help you to make calls or touch other apps.
• You can watch videos on the big and small screen both.
• Increase or decrees sound and brightness.
• User-friendly app and free to download.

Download MX Player app 2019 from here.

2. KM Player App:

Video Player Apps 2019

Do you look for the best third-party video player for your android device? Then KM Player is the best app for you. It comes with various cool features that pointed below.

• It allows you to watch Movies, TV Shows, Animation and multiple types of videos in the highest quality.
• It supports HD videos.
• Support more than 30 languages.
• Available for mobile app and PC software both.
• Provides playback, subtitles control, push and resume opportunity.
• Free to download.

Download KM Player app 2019 from here.

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3. Player Xtreme App:

Video Player Apps 2019

Player Xtreme is the best Video Player app for android users. You can watch videos in 40 different and unique formats. It comes with some advanced features listed below.

• It provides 40 different and individual sizes.
• It includes playback speed.
• Allows you to watch videos on a bigger screen.
• Supported various formats like as 3GP, AVI, FLV, M2V, MOOV, MP4, M2P and much more.
• You can play your files and folders continuously.

Download Player Xtreme app 2019 from here.

4. VLC Media Player App:

Android Video Player Apps 2019

VLC is the best video player app available as the Mobile app and also for computer software. It’s a popular video player app all over the world. Let’s see some key points below.

• Available for mobile app and PC software both.
• Allows you to take a screenshot.
• It supports subtitle, full media, multi-track and much more.
• Easily stream URL videos on VLC.
• Support every format.
• Big screen and small screen both.
• Free to use.

Download VLC Media Player app 2019 from here.

5. G Player App:

Best Video Player Apps for Android 2019

G Player video player app allows the users to shift from one app to another. It will enable you to stick video just for the sake of floating feature. Let’s see some key point below.

• It provides floating features.
• You can shift one app to another.
• Support to watch multiple videos at the same time.
• It offers various with your video background.
• User-friendly and free to download.

Download G Player app 2019 from here.

6. AC3 Player App:

Best Free Video Player Apps for Android

We want to finish the best six list of the video player app by the giving description of AC3 Player. It is the best app that allows you to play your videos with the tricky format. Before download let’s see the features of AC3 Player.

• Allows you to play videos with the tricky setup.
• No need any plugins.
• Will enable you to perform the history list and gesture.
• Connect with online videos.
• Sleep time.
• It includes hardware decoding and hardware acceleration.
• Support smooth playback.
• It’s free and user-friendly.

Download AC3 Player app 2019 from here.

Final Thought: Hopefully I think that now you have a clear idea about Best Video Player apps for Android devices. You can choose anyone from the earlier option. If you have any query, then you can ask me anything through your message.

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